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Professionalism and experience

Steel structures are made to live up to needs of numerous industries. These are construction structures for industry, housing construction and public utility buildings, as well as structural and load bearing parts of industrial machinery and equipment. There might be any range and complexity degree. We perform the following: 

  • large-sized hall structures and shelters,
  • tower and mast structures, 
  • chimneys and device supporting structures. 


“Before you choose constructors who you will entrust your project to, contact our office. We will respond to any question and you can gain competent designers and guaranteed contractors. It’s worth making one phone call.”

Tomasz Krawiec
The head of the IZOMET design office 

Welding technology

We are experts in the following welding process:

  • MIG method, 
  • MAG (135) method, 
  • TIG method,
  • TIG (141) method. 

We weld material groups: 

  • 1.1,
  • 1.2 (black steel), 
  • 8.1 (stainless steel).

We hold a welding technology testing certificate according to PN EN 15614-1.

Anti-corrosion protection

We have a modern shot-blasting line, a large-size wet paint shop and a powder paint shop. All elements prepared by our production department will be effectively protected against corrosion. We ensure a long-lasting protection. 

Passion and development

There are not two identical structures. That’s why our team is comprised of passionate constructors. Each project is a new, interesting challenge for them, and constant contact with various constructional issues provides them with continuous development and improvement of designs. To keep up with the development of technical knowledge, our constructors participate in numerous industry training courses, demonstrations and presentations. Therefore, when you turn to us, we will not be surprised by even a sophisticated question.

Select a simple solution - one company designs and performs.

Professionalism, experience and individual approach to the customer are the strengths of our design office. And you can benefit from it!