We will deliver a solution which can be beneficiary for your company.

We have been doing it for over 20 years. We look into an issue at the spot, at the customer’s premises, and prepare a solution. The only one, that is accommodated to the conditions and needs of particular environment. Although we rely on vast experience, each new project is a unique challenge to us, as unique as any plant, facility or production line. There is always only one optimal solution. The best one. Let’s find it together.


Comprehensive handling

We are convinced, that only a comprehensive approach to the issue can provide the best solutions. Therefore, our team of experts can perform your project from the beginning to the end, ensuring professional assistance and support at every stage of the project. 






We commence the project implementation process with detailed examinations of the existing conditions, needs analysis, boundary conditions and budget framework. Then, our team of designers and engineers prepares an optimal solution that we implement promptly and effectively.

We know how important it is to maintain production continuity, which is why our schedule takes into account the company’s production cycle. We also provide support throughout the design process of the machines. Our experience can come in handy to avoid mistakes. Take advantage of it during your investment. 

The highest quality

We are aware that quality is what matters today. In order to provide services at the highest level, we have provided our specialists with access to the latest technologies and devices in the industry. We are constantly expanding the machines to address the growing needs of our customers. 

We have machines and equipment, among others TRUMPF, Schroeder, Wagner, Spiro and Kemppi brands.Cooperation with leading suppliers allows us to participate in the development of the industry, and thus build a modern offer in terms of technology and financially attractive for the customer.

22-year experience

IZOMET Stalowa Wola has over 20 years of experience in the metal industry. We have cooperated with large enterprises, medium-sized plants as well as individual customers. However, the essence of cooperation has always been the same – the right recognition of needs and providing the optimal solution of the highest quality.

We hold the most important industrial certifications, including quality and management: ISO 9001, ISO 14001.