We have been cooperating with aviation, automotive, chemical, food industries and.... many others.

We have been on the market for 22 years. We design, manufacture, assemble and maintain industrial systems in factories and public facilities, based on the staff’s experience and own manufacture of the system elements. Our specialty are companies from the following industries: automotive, chemical, aviation, metal, food and others. Together with them we provide optimal conditions of production, work and development of their businesses. Partnership.  

IZOMET is an active member of the Eastern Automotive Alliance (EAA) cluster, which consociates the largest automotive enterprises in the region.

Also, we offer a wide range of metalworking services, both ordinary and non-ferrous metals. We are capable of making each element of the ventilation or refrigeration system by using the state-of-the-art TRUMPH machines, without subcontractors, ensuring the top quality. All in one place.

We strive for partnership

We collaborate with small and large enterprises. We are aware of requirements and specificity of the industries we work for. Thus, not only do we become contractors for our customers but also partners. When the customer sees how much attention is paid to the system safety, the highest standards and usability of the investment, then they can be calm as regards the investment outcome. Customers put trust in us. 

We opt for development...

We assist others to raise standards, which is why we have to constantly develop ourselves. We expand qualifications of our employees, invest in innovative technologies and machines. Our customer can be certain – whatever they order, either a single ventilation module or entire installation system – we will deliver the highest quality.

...and the customer is looking for comprehensive solutions

Nowadays, time is critical. When a company places an order with ONE contractor, it can buy time. Additionally, risk is eliminated and communication improved. IZOMET is a comprehensive contractor, capable of performing the entire task and delivering it with high quality. We design and assembly entire air-conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation or dedusting systems as well as we perforate precisely sheet metals to 25 mm thickness, cut them by laser and bend in any shapes.  

We take care of the environment

We are green. Environmental protection is an essential feature of our activities. We do take care for the production of environmentally-friendly standards and the systems delivered to our customers comply with them. We conduct our operations in environmentally-friendly and safe for human conditions and our team is constantly expanding their knowledge and ecological awareness. For ourselves, environment and region. 


“22 years of presence on the market and gained experience have resulted in full trust of our customers. Today they take advantage of our knowledge as well as comprehensive services and innovations. They benefit from cooperation with IZOMET. That is why we are a leader in the industry.”

Stanisław Krawiec
The President of the Board 




To meet today’s requirements, we are constantly working to improve standards.