Ventilation ducts

We produce ventilation ducts and elements with rectangular and round cross-sections on original machines, maintaining quality standards.

A wide range of services

We make ventilation ducts and fittings with rectangular cross sections and circular of SPIRO type. The construction of rectangular ducts and fittings is based on joining metal sheets with the use of “overlap” seam locks by welding or riveting elements.


“Rectangular ducts are made in accordance with the standard: PN-EN 1505: 2001, and consequently our customers can be certain that they are provided with the top quality product.”

Iza Marcinowska
IZOMET technologist

Ducts and rectangular fittings

The standard ducts are made of galvanized and stainless steel. The ducts and fittings may feature low or medium-pressure parameters. Additionally, depending on the dimensions, the ducts can be stiffened with galvanized steel pipes.


It is possible to make rectangular elements from other materials, i.e.: 

  • aluminium sheet metal, 
  • brass sheet metal, 
  • galvanized powder coated sheet metal,
  • copper sheet metal. 

We manufacture rectangular and circular fittings of various types, including:

  • bends 
  • tees 
  • reductions 
  • dampers 
  • silencers 
  • air intakes 
  • exhaust vents 
  • ventilators

All fittings can be delivered in B, C or D tightness class. We also make a full range of rectangular fittings and elements finishing systems. 

Original SPIRO pipes (channels)

Circular channels of SPIRO type are made by SPIRO original machine of the following diameters, from ø 80 – 1600. To increase stiffness and durability of the channel, we make an special embossing.

In addition to the SPIRO pipes, we also make other circular ventilation elements such as:

  • round bends
  • segmented bends
  • tees
  • symmetrical reductions
  • asymmetrical reductions
  • connectors
  • caps

The standard elements of this type are made of galvanized sheet DX51D Z 275. It is possible to make ducts from acid-proof sheet 1.4301 and 1.4404.