Air intakes and roof exhaust vents

Air intakes and roof exhaust vents are used on the roofs of buildings as the end or beginning of the system. Through them, the air is delivered to the system or released from it. These elements are joined with the system using roof supports. Also, we are able to deliver custom-made air intakes and wall exhaust vents.



In order to increase comfort in the rooms by reducing noise, we use round and/or rectangular silencers. The standard silencers are made of galvanized sheet, but it is possible to order silencers from acid-proof sheet. Depending on the size of silencers, we use absorbent pads. 

Roof plinths

Roof plinths are used as supporting construction for roof supports. We make them of galvanized, powder coated or acid-proof stainless steel sheet. The plinths are suitable for mounting on straight and/or pitched roofs. The standard performance does not include insulation, but it is possible to make plinths insulated with a rubber mat.

Roof supports

We make both round and rectangular roof supports. In both cases, the roof supports are adapted to be mounted on a roof plinth. The standard roof supports are made of galvanized sheet. Depending on a model, the roof supports are adapted to assembly of ventilation elements, i.e. roof exhaust vents, dampers, grilles and roof air intakes. 

On request, we produce roof supports made of acid-proof stainless steel. Optionally, we offer a powder coating support in any RAL colour. 


We make both round and rectangular dampers. In addition, we can provide multi-leaf dampers upon special request. All dampers are made of galvanized sheet, stainless steel, aluminium and acid-resistant sheet. In order to adjust the air flow we use manual or automatic control by means of actuators.


The role of roof cylindrical ventilators is releasing air from industrial buildings. They are used, for example, in industrial and production facilities or office buildings. They are mounted on a roof support or directly on the ventilation duct.

Plenum boxes

Plenum boxes are used in low- and medium-pressure systems. They are mounted together with circular or square diffusers as air expansion elements. Thanks to them, it is possible to adjust the flow by means of a single-leaf damper at the inlet to the box. We also offer boxes with acoustic and thermal insulation.

Exhaust hoods

We produce exhaust hoods for both the catering industry and the industry. The hoods are used above work stations for local air extraction. We have both extraction and extraction-supply devices. Our ventilation hoods are made of acid-proof sheet or powder-coated black sheet. As additional equipment we offer filters and lighting.