Shot-blasting and painting

The shot-blasting and painting process allows to lighten the structure, clean, strengthen and protect metal surfaces. Without blank areas. 



It is a method of cleaning metal surfaces from corrosion and dirt. Also, it is used to strengthen, lighten and polish metal surfaces.

Shot blast machine, apart from standard operations, features recovery technology and separation of abrasives. It allows within several dozen minutes to automatically change between two types of abrasives: 

  • from mineral to ceramic balls
  • from metal to steel shot. 

After shot-blasting, the elements are transported to the painting chamber located in the vicinity of the shot-blasting plant. There, the element is painted using a wet or powder method.

Painting-drying chamber

The wet chamber allows to apply coatings and drying them according to the technological assumptions. The technologies used in the chamber, i.e. dust-free environment, capturing of painting dust, stabilized temperature of applying coatings and increased drying temperature, allow to make the highest quality coating. Painting equipment is comprised of one of the most renown companies in the coating industry – WAGNER.

Operating dimensions of shot-blasting plant and wet paint shop:

length 7 000 mm
length 4 000 mm
height 3 000 mm

Powder paint shop

We constantly focus on development, ensuring that the technologies offered by us meet the requirements of customers and market standards. Our modernized powder paint shop performs high quality services in a short time.

Powder painting, so-called the electrostatic method is a multi-stage process performed by our specialists with the utmost attention to detail. Pre-cleaned elements are subjected to a phosphatising bath and then powder coating. The final stage is heating in a furnace with the following dimensions:

length 3 000 mm
width 1 500 mm
height 2 000 mm

“Our experienced painters use Wagner equipment that guarantees the highest quality of paint coatings. They know the process inside out.”

Mariusz Świątek
production manage


Thanks to modern technological ventilation, we are able to adjust the supply air in the painting-drying chamber. In case of the painting process, the air is filtered out of the paint vapours. When the elements are subject to drying, air is supplied with parameters that speed up the process. As a result of this, the entire process is shortened ensuring high quality of the obtained effects. Time is money, both for us and our customers.