Sheet metal processing

We offer a wide range of bending, rolling, riveting and sheet welding. Whatever you order, you have the guarantee of repeatability and quality of elements.

Sheet metal bending

Sheet metal is bent on modern numerically controlled presses of TRUMPF company. They allow to obtain any shapes, by maintaining perfect operating parameters.

TRUMPF TruBend 5130

max. pressure force 150 tones
max. length of bent surface 3 100 mm

We are capable of obtaining the correct bends even in very complicated shapes, thanks to our specialists’ experience and a vast range of tools. 

TRUMPF TruBend 7036

max. pressure force 36 tones
max. length of bent surface 1020 mm

Uncompromising productivity

Machines from one manufacturer – the renowned TRUMPF brand, ensures compatibility between individual stations and allows to plan one production on several devices in a serial cycle. Consequently, the bending operation time is significantly faster, even for complex components. The entire process on all machines is controlled by means of a single software, which ensures efficient and effective project organization. Shorter time saves time and money, which we share with the customer. You can also benefit from it.

In addition to TRUMPF presses, we work on Schroeder and Prinzing machines.

Sheet metal rolling

We use many methods of sheet metal forming, among others: we subject them to the rolling process, bend the elements and roll them into the form of pipes. We have four-roller numerical control machines adapted to the appropriate thickness of sheet metal and shapes of the elements. 

max. sheet metal thickness 14 mm
max. width of rolled parts 2,5 m
min. pipe diameter 110 mm

min. pipe diameter

The unique advantage of the pneumatic riveting tool is its simple, symmetrical and inexpensive rivet. This ensures trouble-free stamping while the connected materials are provided with an additional fixing element. The rivet connection features high joint strength and abrasion resistance, is clean and highly repeatable. An additional advantage of the riveting tool is the multi-point function. It ensures significant savings in technology. It’s worth considering. You can learn more by contacting us. 


TOX®-ClinchRivet is a great deal stronger than punching rivets. Particularly recommended for connecting thin sheet metal. 

The advantages of the ClinchRivet method

  • higher connection strength for vibration, 
  • very strong holding forces,
  • symmetrical rivet geometry, prevents jamming (high efficiency),
  • lower costs than punching rivets,
  • simple quality control by measuring the “X” dimension, 
  • no mechanical notch effect, high dynamic functionality,
  • no damage to the surface coating.


The boundary shear force that can destroy the TOX-ClinchRivet connection is up to 7,200 N, while a 52 kN force is needed to form the connection. These figures say a lot to the experts. 


We have a few single spot welding machines to join metal sheets using the “overlap” method. We also have stationary welding machines with pneumatic clamping, thanks to which we are able to ensure high quality of joints of components. When you commission us your production, we will configure our machines specially to your order.