Perforations and punching

Processing 3D sheets on one device during one operation? Yes, IZOMET performs such elements at the highest quality. Visit us and you will see how this production looks like. We invite you.

Fast operation

We have cluster tools that significantly increase productivity and speed up operations. The customer can benefit from it by reduced operation costs. Three-dimensional sheet metal processing enables comprehensive production of elements on a single machine. This is particularly essential in just-in-time orders.


We process sheet metal of 2500 x 1250 dimensions with the possibility of repositioning. The maximum thickness of the sheets processed is 6 mm.

Innovative technology

Special tools that we have at our disposal enable to cut and stamp complicated shapes in a metal sheet, such as:

  • grills,
  • threads,
  • braids,
  • hinges,
  • embossed hole edges.


We are one of the few companies that have software that enables manufacturing perforated elements from images. Such a service is becoming more and more popular among our customers – it is a great idea for a gift or office or home decor.