Laser cutting

TruLaser 3030 FIBER is currently the latest technology for cutting sheet metal, guaranteeing precise, fast and versatile cutting of steel and non-ferrous metals. The top quality. It is at your disposal.

A wide range of applications

Laser cutting is a modern method of sheet metal processing, which allows to cut elements quickly and precisely with extraordinary repeatability. The possibility of placing off-cuts on one sheet allows to save significant numbers of bleeds, and at the same time, affect the price we offer to our customers. Check it with your order! 

The set of laser cutting capabilities limits only the thickness of the raw material and the minimum distance between the cutting lines. As one of the few in Poland, we use the TRUMPF brand laser, the market leader in such devices. Therefore, we can offer you the highest quality. Take advantage of IZOMET laser! 

Surprisingly a lot of possibilities

TruLaser 3030 Fiber features extraordinary flexibility, accuracy and ergonomics. Optimizing software, fast sheet feeding, transmission and cutting precision… All in order to complete a whole series of orders on time, with perfect repeatability and at a reasonable price. Place an order and you will see for yourself.  
“TRUMPF machines are of the highest quality on the market. Thanks to them, I can perform quickly and precisely almost every customer’s order.”
Michał Madurski TRUMPF team operator
  Technologies applied in this device ensure the highest quality of edges and facilitate collection of elements. We provide the best work standards on any commonly used material. From standard steel through to titanium.
material type max. cutting thickness (mm)
steel 25
stainless INOX steel 20
aluminium 20
copper 8
brass 8
titan 4

Higher productivity

In order to shorten the implementation time, we use the additional, automatic LiftMaster Compact feeder. It is the fastest and most compact loading and unloading unit offered by TRUMPF. It is of great importance for the processing time of longer series of repeatable elements, and thus affects significant cost reduction of the order.