Take advantage of our machines. Select a way and a machine.

We have the upmarket machines and qualified staff. Thus, the most complex sheet metal processing operations can be carried out. Quality without compromise. Place an order and you will see for yourself.


Short implementation time

To meet your expectations, we provide swift performance of the task entrusted to us. Innovative solutions, properly selected equipment and reliable production processes allow to significantly shorten the prototyping time and then mass production, while maintaining the optimal price of the service.

A wide offer

As our company develops, our offer expands with further solutions, products and services. Therefore, we are able to carry out any order for sheet metal processing. Our team of specialists can handle any challenge. We make both small elements and expanded installation structures from sheet metal.

The highest quality

We are aware that quality is what matters today. In order to provide services at the highest level, we have provided our specialists with access to the latest technologies and devices in the industry. We know how rapidly the needs and requirements of the market are growing, which is why we are constantly expanding the machines. 

Currently, we have machines and equipment, i.e. TRUMPF brand. This is a good example of how cooperation with a leading supplier allows us to participate in the development of the industry, and thus build a technically modern and financially attractive offer.


22-year experience

IZOMET Stalowa Wola has over 20 years of experience in the metal industry. We have cooperated with large enterprises, medium-sized plants as well as individual customers. However, the essence of cooperation has always been the same – the right recognition of needs and providing the optimal solution of the highest quality.


We hold the most important industrial certifications, including quality and management: ISO 9001, ISO 14001.