System designs

Ventilation, air-conditioning… What design do you need?


Comprehensive handling

Design and performance. No subcontractors. Full control over the process and all accountability for it. This is the way we operate. We carry out comprehensive designs in the area of ventilation, refrigeration, air conditioning, dedusting and central heating industrial systems, water and sewage, steam and process plant/piping.  

You are provided with specialist consultations and professional assistance while negotiating technical solutions. We prepare an investment cost estimate to assess your investment, and our staff conducts construction supervision.

It is worth using the core of IZOMET offer - everything is at hand, at one contractor. It facilitates a lot and is always cost-efficient!

The IZOMET office can design for your company:

  • ventilation, refrigeration or air-conditioning systems, 
  • dedusting, industrial central heating, water and sewage systems. 

The IZOMET office can perform for your company:

  • designs of construction or steel structures, 
  • construction expertise or building structures,
  • periodic maintenance of structures and construction facilities.


Take advantage of the professionals’ knowledge and experience who can draw up a design and then perform it in your enterprise. They bear full responsibility for the entire assignment. Test us! 

Years of experience

For 22 years we have designed and performed numerous systems in significant and prestigious facilities of the following industries: automotive, energy, machinery, chemical, mining, food and others. The experience gained while carrying out our projects is used in new and bigger ones throughout the country. 

IZOMET is a synergy of knowledge and creativity that provides the customer with an optimal solution and… often a cost-efficient investment. Make use of it in your company!