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maintenance assistance

+48 15 844 27 10

24/7 maintenance support

In the event of a failure, the IZOMET maintenance team is at your disposal. We are aware that response time is a key issue, so you can rely on us. Yet we do not act only in emergency situations. When the system maintenance date falls, we will remember it for you. The high standard of the system requires equally high maintenance standards. IZOMET provides them. 

We provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance, i.e. maintenance and repair of ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration and measuring devices. The scope of our services includes: 

  • technical consultancy,
  • measurements and adjustment of ventilation networks,
  • measurements of ventilation efficiency (protocol),
  • warranty and post-warranty repairs, 
  • delivery and assembly of new ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment,
  • measurements of noise, temperature, humidity and pressure,
  • leak testing of ventilation systems,
  • 24/7 maintenance support. 

Resources of experience

We have experienced staff and the latest measurement and diagnostic devices. We are able to remove any sophisticated failure in a short time and ensure continuity of optimal conditions in your premises. No unnecessary stoppages in production or use.


Yes, we perform a thorough comparative analysis of design values with the measured ones and we calculate the system efficiency. The outcome of the measurement is the efficiency protocol.


Unfortunately, no, our maintenance operates only in the field of industrial systems. 


Yes, our maintenance technicians perform detailed analyses of the condition of ventilation and air conditioning systems. In the event of irregularities in operation, they perform repairs or agree on a different action plan with the customer to restore the full efficiency of the system.


Yes. Our company provides comprehensive services related to the transfer of ventilation ducts. We offer a full service package.