We design and make systems for air filtration and removal of dust pollution during production. IZOMET systems ensure product quality and reliability of production lines, and above all protect the health of employees. 

Dedicated solutions

To remove harmful substances, dust aspiration and air filtration we use:

  • local extractors, hoods and nozzle suction nozzles, 
  • extraction arms and welding extractors.

When it is not possible to use local extractors, we use zoned ventilation of the whole “push-pull” plant. Pollutants are captured on selected filtration devices. In our systems, we use: 

  • bag and patron filters, 
  • oil mist filters, 
  • mechanical filters, 
  • wet filters, scrubbers and washers, 
  • cyclones and electrolytes. 

Safety and protection

In all areas where coal, biomass, wood, organic (flour, sugar, spices, powdered milk, bone meal), resin dust, metallic dust of zinc, aluminium, magnesium, bronze, copper and other metals occur, explosion protection systems should be in place. 

In case of dedusting explosive dust and air mixtures, we make secured devices with ATEX certificate.